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Wedding dress donations are tax-deductible

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Wedding dress donations are tax-deductible

Numerous couples had to cancel their weddings in 2020 and 2021. You might be preparing for or have already had your wedding this summer as things are starting to open up again. It’s bad that wedding expenses are not tax deductible because they are expensive! But hold on, there are several ways you might be able to get a tax deduction as you are ready to walk down the aisle, even if tax write-offs might not be top of mind when you are organising your wedding. Here are a few concepts:

1. The Church

A ceremony fee that you pay might be tax deductible. If not, find out whether church members who contribute at a certain level are exempt from paying ceremony expenses. To receive a charge waiver, a tax write-off, and the warm glow of supporting a worthy organisation, you might want to increase your donations for the year.

2. The Location

The cost of holding your wedding or reception at a historical garden, homestead, museum, or even a state or national park could be tax-deductible as a charitable donation. For further information, speak with the site representative.

3. Flowers

Have a friend deliver the flowers to a women’s centre, homeless shelter, or other non-profit after your wedding. In addition to having performed a good deed, you’ll be able to claim a tax deduction for the amount of the donated goods if you have a receipt.

4. The Dress

Help others celebrate their special day in style by donating your bridal gown to a non-profit organisation like Making Memories or Brides Against Breast Cancer. The same holds true for candles and other non-perishable wedding decorations, as well as the flower girl and bridesmaid dresses.

5. The Meals

You might be eligible to give the leftovers because of the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Request that the caterer package up the leftovers, and then you or a designated team member can donate them to a charitable organisation that feeds the hungry and is recognised by the IRS. You will receive a gift letter from the charity, which you can use as documentation of your philanthropic contributions.

6. Party favors

As a “thank you” for them being a part of your special day, donate to a charity on behalf of all of the guests at your wedding rather than giving them quickly forgotten items. You’ll do good deeds and save money on taxes at the same time! You may even let your wedding party pick the causes that matter most to them.

7. Gift Registry

You can make a charity registry with My Registry in addition to a conventional present wish list to invite guests to make donations to your preferred cause. Donations are tax deductible, so your guests may feel good about helping others while still celebrating you.

Remember that in order to deduct charitable contributions from your taxes, you must give to a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation, and normally you must have enough other deductions to itemise your deductions. Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, if you are single and take the standard deduction, you may deduct up to $300 in cash donations; if you are married and filing jointly, you may deduct up to $600 in cash donations.

Make sure to keep receipts and contracts as proof of your donations so you’ll have them on hand for tax season. Then you can make use of your tax deductions, increase your tax refund, and have additional money to celebrate your union.

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