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Avoid These Mistakes When Drinking Champagne

Even the very mention of champagne makes me excited. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, and graduations are marked by toasts, clinking glasses, and frothy bubbles.

After a challenging pandemic, the world appears to be celebrating more: sales of champagne increased worldwide in 2021.

Opening The Bottle Improperly

Champagne is like a safe. You have cork, wire, and foil instead of sirens, lasers, and guards. Because sparkling wine contains carbon dioxide, it must be packaged under pressure.

The ideal way to open a Champagne bottle, according to Wine Folly, is to hold it at a 45-degree angle, take off the foil, and then, while holding the cork, unfasten the metal cage.

Drinking Champagne Too Cold Or Too Warm

Champagne has flavors and scents waiting to be released in every drop. They don't far too often. One of the main elements that influences the flavor of champagne is temperature.

Champagne should be served between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can do this with insulated sleeves, ice baths with salt, or (if you've planned ahead) a refrigerator.

Using The Wrong Glass

One of the worst cups for Champagne is the flute, which has its own emoji. Don't be too hard on yourself before you atone for all your subpar toasts.

Its tall, slender shape continues to sparkle and bubble (via Decanter). According to a study by Master of Wine Vicky Burt, sparkling wine served in flutes had the weakest aroma when compared to other glasses.

Pouring And Drinking Too Quickly

Sparkling wine makes you drunk faster than still wine, according to a controlled study, so enjoy it slowly. According to Healthline, drinking more slowly can prevent hangovers. This holds true for both consuming and pouring the glowing beverage.

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