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Elon Musk Has a Dire Warning About Russia-Ukraine War

The CEO of Tesla has put up a contentious peace plan but stated that its goal is to prevent the end of the world.

But the richest guy in the world has put up a divisive peace plan to put an end to the conflict, which began on February 24 and has already claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions.

A delicate issue is addressed in this plan: Musk suggests that Ukraine acknowledge that Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, is Russian territory.

The Ukrainians vehemently reject this idea because they view it as a demand for capitulation and think that Musk has turned into a fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Risk of Total War

The computer tycoon cautioned that there is also a chance that the fight may result in a nuclear exchange, which would have significant ramifications for not only Ukraine but the entire globe.

The billionaire warned its detractors that Russia, which just suffered symbolic losses in Ukrainian regions, still has the capability of starting a nuclear war.

Option of a Nuclear War

Tesla's CEO stated that he wants to stop the conflict before it spirals out of control. Thus, he argued that bringing about peace was his aim.

He reminded critics that he not only exposed his company SpaceX to Russian cyberattacks by offering Starlink, the satellite internet access service built by the aerospace company, and that the facts justify his support for Ukraine. 

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