This Is Where Home Prices Are Growing Fastest in Sacramento

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The Sacramento Metro Area's Cities with the Fastest-Rising Home Price Growth

Without a doubt, the coronavirus epidemic has caused a tsunami of uncertainty across a wide range of businesses, but no market has felt it as strongly as the real estate industry.

Due to the high demand for vacation homes and the lack of available housing, the pandemic has fueled the protracted real estate bubble, pushing up prices for inexpensive properties and overall home prices.

Midway through 2020, while wealthy Americans sought luxury and space outside of urban areas, the ability to work remotely boosted demand for vacation homes.

Stacker Used Data from Zillow to Create a List of the Cities in the Sacramento-Roseville-Folsom, Ca Metro Area with the Fastest-Rising Housing Values.

August 2022 price change rankings. The average U.S. home value rose 14.1% to $356,054 last year. Data was provided for 75 cities and towns in Sacramento.

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