Who won the Musk-Twitter fight? Lawyers

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Elon Musk volunteered to conclude his acquisition of Twitter under the original May conditions, a major reversal days before a deposition.

TweetDeck received Musk's offer, and the firm reiterated its desire to close the sale for the initial price of $54.20 per share, or $44 billion, in a statement to CNN.

It would be somewhat of a Pyrrhic victory for Twitter if the purchase went through. The business will have been successful in getting shareholders the best price (good work if you can get it).

In the previous two days, the Dow has increased by more than 1,500 points, emerging from the bear market and crossing the 30,000 mark.


A movie on the recent events at Credit Suisse may have started with pictures of stock and bond traders appearing distressed, their hands buried in their heads, and their ties pulled funny.


A CEO would leisurely sip a glass of Scotch while reading a memo assuring staff that management is making every effort to prevent layoffs.

The real-life drama at the Swiss bank, however, does not appear to be producing the dramatic disaster that we have come to anticipate in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

As the dollar falls, stocks rise. Bonds rule.

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